Adhesive - From Left To Right: Adhesive

Image of Adhesive - From Left To Right: Adhesive


Pre-order will start Monday the 13th of Oktober (8.30 CET).
Testpresses are approved and the records are in the making. The records will ship late November or early December.

Get one of the best skatepunk records ever released on vinyl!

-new artwork

-high quality gatefolded jacket

-printed inner sleeves

-250 on black vinyl
-250 on blue vinyl

BTW: our store isn't perfect. If you place a few items in the shopping cart, for example: 1 x 7" and 1 x 12", the actual shipping costs will be less or more than the webstore is telling you. If this is the case, please email me and we will work something out. (

And you can order up to 4 LP's for the same shipping price. When you order more than 4, shipping costs will go up.

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